How would you like to make sure your next book launch is a big success?

In the Bestseller Launch Blueprint E-Course, you'll learn the exact steps to make your book launch a success.

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Sample videos from the course:

Here’s what you’ll learn

How you can present your book that so your ideal readers will recognize it and want to buy it

How to get your book in front of the right people and plenty of them, so your launch will be a success—even if you don't have an email list, connections, fans, or followers now.

The exact ads I used to make one client (a first-time author and brand new in his field) a #2 bestseller for $137.84

What to do (and what not to bother doing) to maximize your return on the money and time you invest in your launch

Your personal step-by-step launch plan, detailing exactly what to do and when to do it for your specific book in your specific situation

Introducing the Bestseller Launch Blueprint E-Course.

Here's what you'll get:

6 video lessons explaining how to do the six essential steps to launching your book to bestseller)

2 Video lessons on how a launch works and how you can plan your own launch for your unique book and your unique circumstances

Slide decks, handouts, and worksheets to help you remember and implement what you learn in the videos

Bonus: Publishing your Book on Amazon – Learn exactly what you'll need and what to do to publish your book, including a step-by-step walkthrough of all of the information you'll need to enter in KDP for your Kindle and paperback editions, and what it all means.

Bonus: The Indie Author's Hiring Guide – Learn what you can do yourself and when to hire a pro when publishing your book, how to vet providers, plus recommendations for my favorite providers for design, editing, formatting, and marketing your book.

Bonus: The Indie Author's Influencer Guide – Learn how to find the right people to help you spread the word about your book and how to approach them, start a relationship, and ask for support so that everybody wins. Whether you want help spreading the word about your book, you need editorial reviews, or you want to pitch a guest post or podcast interview, this guide is for you!

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Hi, I'm Cara Stein.

I’m the founder of 17000 Days and Project Bestseller. I’ve guided over 200 books through the publishing process, and I’m the creator of the Bestseller Launch Blueprint, Author • Expert • Bestseller, and the Bestseller Book Marketer Certification program.

In my most recent book launch, my book hit #1 in four categories in the US, plus two in the UK, one in Australia, and one in Canada. All in all, it was in the top 10 for 18 different categories across four countries.

We write because we want to touch people’s lives.

That can’t happen if nobody reads our books. We have to get them out there.

You’ll leave this e-course with a clear plan to make sure your book launch is a big success. Even if you have no email list. Even if you’re a first-time author. Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life.

Because here’s the thing. Good marketing is really about helping people. There are people out there who want and need your book. If you don’t help them find it, you’re doing them a disservice. You owe it to them, you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to your book to give your book the best launch you can, so the people who need it can find it and read it. That’s what this is all about.

Imagine going into your next book launch feeling confident and excited.

Imagine logging into your KDP dashboard and seeing sale after sale as your book climbs the charts.

Imagine the rush of hitting your targets and creating this kind of success.

Imagine how good it will feel, knowing that your book is getting into readers’ hands and fulfilling its purpose.

Imagine how proud your friends and family will be, watching you and your book succeed.

That’s what I want for you, and that’s why I put together the Bestseller Launch Blueprint E-Course.


Will this work for fiction or non-fiction? What about children’s books?

Yes, yes, and yes. Although non-fiction is the easiest to sell, the same basic elements go into selling any book—things like having a professional cover design, writing compelling sales copy, and getting the book in front of the right people.

What if I’m brand new and have no email list?

No problem. Most of my clients don’t. I’m hosting this course assuming you have no fans, following, email list, or connections. If have any of that, it will make things even easier for you.

Will this help me if my book is traditionally published?

Unfortunately, with a traditional publisher or a hybrid publisher, you don't have control over the decision to implement most of the strategies in this course. You may still learn some interesting things, but the course is intended for self-published authors.

What if I don’t want to sell my book on Amazon?

This course probably isn’t for you. For most indie authors, Amazon accounts for 80-90% or more of book sales. That’s why we’ll be focusing most of our efforts on selling through Amazon.

What if my book is already out?

No problem. My last book had been out for years before I finally launched it. You can still use these strategies to re-launch an old book (or launch it for the first time). You will have a slight disadvantage in that Amazon factors the average sales over the last 30 days into its Bestseller rankings, so if your book has been out for longer than 30 days and not selling, you'll have to sell more copies than you otherwise would to get the same ranking. That makes it a little harder, but it's still very doable.

What if I haven’t finished writing my book yet?

You’re in a great position to get the most out of this course! I find that the earlier you can start thinking about marketing the book, the better. By taking this course now, you can set yourself up for success. When you know where you’re going, it’s a lot easier to get there. You’ll also have lifetime access to the entire course, so it will be there for you when your book is ready to launch.

What if I already own the Bestseller Launch Blueprint? Do I need this course?

The Bestseller Launch Blueprint is designed to teach you the six crucial elements for a successful book launch. This course is centered around those same six elements, and it digs deeper into the reasoning behind each step and how to implement it for your book. The blueprint stands on its own; this course is for you if you want more and/or if you like learning with video lessons.

What if I don't already own the Bestseller Launch Blueprint? Do I need to buy it before I take this course?

No, the course assumes you're brand new to marketing and launching a book. There are no prerequisites.

How long will this course take?

The video lessons are just under two hours altogether. There are also some optional demo videos totaling about an hour. Of course, how long it takes to implement will depend on you.

What if I'd rather hire you to launch my book for me?

You'll want to hire one of our Certified Bestseller Book Marketers. You can learn more here.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Email us at [email protected], and we'll answer it for you.

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One-Year Full Results Guarantee

if you complete the course and follow all the steps and recommendations, and your book fails to become a bestseller, I’ll issue you a full refund. Not only that, I’ll give you a whole year to try it.

Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal, then choose Pay in 4 or PayPal Credit as your payment method. (They're usually at the bottom of the list.)


5-star review“Perfect! Could not be happier. I look forward to doing more with Cara.”

—Leonard Zerman


5-star review“Cara was a joy to work with. Super quick, super efficient with outstanding professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

—Terriane Palmer-Peacock


5-star reviewCara offers an amazing service - She is responsive, creative, objective, and detail oriented. A real pleasure to work with. We will definitely work with her again and are already discussing the next project with her.” 

—Eliot Burdett


5-star review“Cara S. is an outstanding book and book cover designer. I was more than pleased with her skills and her personality. She is worth her fees and I would hire her again in the future without hesitation.”

—Michele Silvera


5-star review“Cara is highly-skilled and communicative, and does top-quality work. She was very professional and proactive, anticipating my needs before I even mentioned them. She added value to my project above and beyond what was required. Cara is incredibly personable and easy to work with.”

—Sara Hohn


5-star review“I had such a great experience working with Cara Stein! She is very capable and did exactly what she promised. I enjoyed her intelligence and sense of humor as well. Next time I need to hire someone for a similar project, I will definitely want to work with her again.”

—Beth Niebuhr


5-star review“The only ghostwriter I've ever worked with who really GETS it and can write in your voice...only better. Absolutely nailed it and delivered a perfect product.”

—Ari Meisel


5-star review“Great writer and proofreader, she will be an asset to your team.”

—John Adams


5-star review“Terrific to work with. Very knowledgeable – helped me beyond the scope of the project. Using Cara will make your life easier!”

—Ann Ward


5-star review“LOVE IT! ...You have taken a good idea and turned it into a great book. Thank you!!!”

—Glenn Gow


5-star review“An awesome person to work with!!! She deserves 10 stars!”

—Murry J. Evans


5-star review“Very few people put the time, energy and attention into their clients' work the way Cara does. She made sure my book was presented compellingly in the Kindle format, without compromising quality. Because of that, we're positioned to bring in more sales and experience more growth being on a new, rapidly growing platform on Amazon. I'll continue to use her again and again, and refer her to anyone that needs to convert their book to Kindle to increase sales.”

—Jonathan Mead

Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal, then choose Pay in 4 or PayPal Credit as your payment method. (They're usually at the bottom of the list.)



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Want to watch me apply this process to a real book?

I applied the exact process you'll learn in this course to one of my books that had been dead and buried for years. I decided to bring it back to life, so I hosted a 7-day challenge and called it the Zombie Book Launch. You'll get all seven videos—one diagnosing why the book wasn't selling in the first place, and one for each step in the process. You'll also get all the worksheets so you can apply everything to your book. As a result of the changes I made from this challenge, the book went on to become a #1 bestseller in four countries.

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